Yes, we have done it again, Organic Earth Fiji Natural Coconut Body Lotion has won an award at 2012 Le Monde International World Quality for Excellence in Athens, Greece, June 2012.  Two awards in three years, for the finest and Fiji's 100% Pure Coconut  Products.  Congratulations to all staff, well done and well earned honour.

Organic Earth Fiji - has been in business for 7 months and has already scooped its first award at 2010 Le Monde International World  Quality for Excellence in Belgium in April 2010.

Our products are works of art, authentic, island style natural products.  Our beautiful Fiji’s 100% Pure Ylang Ylang Coconut Body Oil scored its first Award and we are proud of our achievement. 

Here is what our business partners, customers and friends of Organic Earth and Natural Fiji had to say about our achievement:

Congratulations Organic Earth Fiji for the greatest achievement in receiving an international award from the 2010 Le Monde World Quality for Excellence in Belgium in April.   Aiyaz-Sayed Khaiyum, Attorney General and Minister for Industry and Trade

Geeta your hard work has paid off and you are a person I know who will aim higher and higher.  I am pleased to be part of Organic Earth Fiji.  Rajni Kant, Director Bluebird Printery, the official Printers of Organic Earth Fiji

My wife and I were at Pacific Harbour for a long weekend and holiday break.  We saw your products and my wife tried them.  She said "oh my god"  we need this product.  Since then we are now closely associated with Organic Earth Fiji  and distributors in the Italian Market - Congratulation Geeta for a fine achievement.  Ivan Pisoni, Organic Earth Fiji Italy

What an achievement! Well done on your hard work and striving for excellence and thank you for sharing this with us all. You are quite inspiring.  Wendy Lacey, Director, Color Sense & Style, Australia

 Well done Geeta you are on fire !!.  keep up the great efforts.  Your gonna take Fiji over by storm ! Rod Huybers, QLD Australia

Congratulations! This is a significant achievement and we are all so proud of you. You should feel very happy indeed.  Amanda Suter, Business Solutions Coach, Sarinarusso, Australia  

That is just another thing to help promote the brand internationally - so proud of you!  
 Elise  Koppe, Brisbane

Congratulations! Indeed all your hard work and wonderful product deserves the award congratulations once again.  Erick Amaya, Gold Tours and Charters, Australia

Congratulations Geeta. Great acheivement!  Justin Gray, Designer, Pixelhouse, Australia

Congratulations on your fine achievement! Cynthia Elliot, Fiji Islands

Congratulations on your award, James Hogan, Brisbane, Australia

Very glad to hear that your product has won an award, I am sure it will do very well in Taiwan, Barbara Yu, Taiwan Agent for OEF

Congratulations, Raj Gokal, USA

Great work, Congratulation, Johnson Yueng, China

How awesome are you!! Congratulations on your product award you must be thrilled with such recognition so soon.  It sounds as though you have put a great deal into making a success of your business with a quality product and deserve it.  Kylie Booth, Australia

That is excellent news for a company with a humble beginning.  Praise God and am sure God will continue to bless you and your ventures.  Isiromi Bayameyame, CEO Yasana Holdings, Fiji Islands

I am so happy to hear about the big deal for your biz.......good job girl, Aris Bacon, Biofuel Specialist, USA

Great, very nice sister, congratulations, Amy Sun, China

Great Work Ms Reddy! Congratulations on a job well done!  Alan Gyoury, CEO Maxim, Gold Coast

Congratulations, Geeta! And in such a short time, too. Kelera Cavuilati, FTIB, Fiji Islands,

 Congratulations Geeta......... well done. Mahendra Kumar, Business Banking Manager, Westpac, Fiji Islands

 Congratulations...... Diven Prasad Lawyers, Fiji Islands

Excellent news Geeta.........  Well done!  Frank Yourn, CEO, Australia Fji Business Council

Well done, I am very happy for OEF to achieve such an award.  I love the product very much.  Susie Tengdui, PNG Agent for OEF

Great Work Geeta.....  Kerry Wetzel, USA

Congratulations, Geeta.   Val & Ron,Pacific Surf, Gold Coast

Congratulations, Geeta. Wonderful news. Keep up the good work.   Annie Rogers, CEO,FTIB,Fiji Islands

Congratulations, Geeta!  Stephen Mcmillan, Europe Trade Section, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Very impressive website! More than that, a tremendous achievement in such a short time! This is great. Howard ARU, Head of ACP/EU CDE Technical Intervention Office