Organic Earth Fiji has become the first company in Fiji that is run by its own staff, thus making a difference with the lives of its employees, children and underpreviliged.

OEF supports Emelini to design traditional Fijian packaging (masi - bark of mullberry tree) for OEF. These packaging are sold in the tourism industry. Emelini lives in a squatter settlement and supports her family by selling her designs to OEF.   

Mosese is the first child in Fiji sponsored by OEF. Mosese  comes from a single parent  family where OEF is providing a helping hand to his mother to achieve her dream to educate her only child. OEF will continue to sponsor  Mosese until he completes his education.

Salote is an employee of OEF while her mother Eta leases a small shelve space at the Flea Market in Suva where tourists can buy handicraft.  Eta specialises in weaving voivoi baskets and handcrafted masi bags which are sold to OEF for packaging. Eta is now able to support her family.

OEF  takes pride and is committed to assisting the underpreviledged and will continue to do so.  As the company grows, so will our charity chest. .